Terms and Conditions

All amounts shown are in NZ dollars.

Accessing Monitor accounts

The Monitor account is a method of payment of fees, donations and services, accessed through the website. Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the refund policy in force where the goods and/or services were purchased. Cash refunds will not be made for fees or services not used that were made through the Monitor Account.  A credit will be made to your account.

Closing Accounts, Refund and Returns

Upon graduation or official withdrawal from the College, any credit balances will be refunded to you. All debts on your account must be satisfied prior to a refund being issued.

Error Resolution Procedures

If you feel a charge has been transacted on your Monitor Account which you did not authorise, you must notify the accounts department as soon as the non-authorised transaction is discovered.  Include information on the date and amount of the transaction as well as any other information you feel is necessary to help the staff investigate the claim.